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Microsoft has relaunched the new app Skype Lite for Android users for staying close together with friends and family. This new app is specially designed for India and this means you can stay connected with your dear ones at any time. Inarguably it is one of the most advanced tools for video calling especially for limited internet users like 2G services. The company Microsoft who launched Skype on 29th August 2003 is a multinational company. With Skype, you can go for video conference call and exchange text, images, and other video chat.

No doubt Skype Lite is the latest Skype app built in India that easily understands your daily requirements to contact with your friends and family. They are fast as well as a light app for Android devices. You can easily stay connected with people in India. Skype Lite Apk is available in eight languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and the last English. With Skype Lite launched, you do not need to worry about connecting with your dear ones.

How to Download and Install Skype Lite App For Android Device:


As Skype Lite is only available for Android users, so it is still not possible to download the file. However the app is available in Google Play Store, so you have to install it through the Play Store. Let us understand the method of installing Skype Lite app.

To install Skype Lite is very simple and easy, as it requires only a few minutes. Just follow my step by step guide if you have a problem with installation.

1: To install this file, first of all, you need to have a secure internet connection.

2: Open your device Google Play Store and then above you will see a search box.

3: In the search box type Skype Lite, when the results show you click on that.

4: Now you will see an INSTALL green button, click on that.

5: Again select the ACCEPT button to further process the installation.

6: The app will start installing; wait for the file to get installed.

7: Follow the instruction given on the screen and then locate the file.

8: Once it is installed, open the file and enjoy chatting with your friends and groups and remember that you need to create an account with Skype Lite.

So these are the steps of installing Skype Lite app for Android. It is easy and very simple to install the app.

More about Skype Lite App:

As I have mentioned above that Skype Lite App is another integrated tool for contacting with dear ones. You can chat, share messages and videos with your friends and dear ones. Skype Lite has been released for people who have 2G connections. This app is especially reformed with the newest technology of Skype. Even under limited data connection, you can use Skype which saves your valuable money. Below you will find some of the stunning features of Skype.

Features of Skype Lite App for Android:

Skype Lite has some stunning features and made up with more advanced technology. Let us check out some of the mind-blowing features of Skype.

  • Skype Lite has some excellent performance like; they are fast, small as well as light weight. The app does not consume much battery which elongates your battery life.
  • As this app is available only for Android devices so you can run smoothly and effectively on new and old Android users.
  • Skype Lite app is specially built for India and its people. It also provides you to track the data usage that you have been using. You can text and chat with your dear ones.
  • Skype exchange images and videos with family and friends etc. You can also send and make or receive video calls with Skype.
  • This app also allows you to handle all your phone as well as Skype contacts. With Skype Lite you can also reduce the consumption of data by economical calling.
  • You can also share your emoticons and other files with Skype users.
  • Now with Skype Lite, you can stay connected with your dear ones even if you have unmanageable networks like 2G.
  • With Skype Lite for Android users, you can travel through the world of bots.

So these are some of the best unique features of Skype Lite app which I have listed above. Now let us check the process of downloading and installing.

How to Make a Call with Skype Lite App:

To make a call with Skype Lite is an easy procedure which I will be reviewing below. Just follow how I suggest you.

  1. Remember that to make calls via Skype to Skype is totally free of cost. But in fact, if you wish to make calls from Skype to landline or cell phones then you will need some Skype subscription or Skype credit facilities.
  2. To make a call, first of all, you need to find or search for a group or a person name from the contact list. You can also use the SEARCH button and make instant calls.
  3. Now select the contact list you wanted to call, make a voice or audio calls by clicking on the calling button.
  4. You can also make a video calls by selecting the video calling button.
  5. When you wish to end the call then select the END button to hang up your phone.

How to send a message with Skype Lite Apk:

This instant message also goes same way like the calls. For sending an instant message with Skype to Skype is totally free. Which means no penny is required or charged. But with another device, you will need little Skype Credit.

  1. In your contact list or in Skype contact, search for the person you wish to send a message.
  2. Now type a message in Conversation option and then click on the send button.
  3. So now you are done sending an instant message with Skype.


Skype Lite is one of the best tools launched by Microsoft in India for the betterment of the people. I hope all the information that I have provided above is helpful for you. From the installation to make calls and send a message with Skype is easy. The features of Skype Lite Apk are also awesome, so why don’t you install if you are an Android user. In fact, with just 50,000 users and just 12.75MB, it is one of the best apps.

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