How to manage the privacy of your Facebook account from iOS

The scandal of Facebook & Cambridge Analytica is the news of the week and the month. It should not be surprising that our data provided to Facebook is used for advertising / profit purposes. In the end, the business of Facebook, Google, or Spotify, among others, is the data of its users . Apple on the other hand bases its business on the hardware it sells, so in its ecosystem differential privacy is ahead of anything else.

Returning to Cambridge Analytica, they obtained data from thousands of people thanks to an app (made for educational purposes) that collected data from Facebook users who used it and their friends . that is, to prevent this kind of thing the best thing you can do is to control what type of data you share with Facebook, with the other people on Facebook and with the apps that you integrate into your Facebook account.

Control on iPhone and iPad the data accessed by Facebook apps

To control all this type of configuration we can do comfortably from the Facebook app for iOS, without having to access the web from a desktop computer. First let’s see how to control who sees our profile information , publications and apps:

Open Facebook on your iPhone or iPad.

In the app’s menu, go to Settings> Account settings> Privacy.
Choose the first option of Checking some important settings options.
In the first step we choose who sees our Facebook posts. In the second, the information in our profile. In the third who sees the apps what we are using with our Facebook account.
When finished press Done and return to the Settings screen.
Now is the time to control which apps and external services have access to our Facebook data:

Open Facebook on your iPhone or iPad.
In the app’s menu, go to Settings> Account settings> Applications.
In the section of Session initiated with Facebook we can see all the apps that have access to our account and within them the information that is shared, with whom it is shared and option to eliminate or denounce the app.
After this we go to the Applications section that other people use. Here is the key, the options you have here activated can see other apps that you do not use, but your friends. Deactivate all that you consider unnecessary.

Ready, reviewing these two fields of the configuration of Facebook will considerably improve the privacy of our account and the information that Facebook will provide to other people or apps. My recommendation is that you give a good review of the rest of Facebook options. Configure the location that is shared, who sees the tagged photos, the browsers where you are logged in … Facebook is a huge platform, and it is best to know at all times how your data is used.

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