FireStarter APK

FireStarter APK Download Latest V4.0 For Android Phones

FireStarter APK was thought to come into existence when Amazon’s prior product Amazon Fire TV. Of course, the company should have seen the bad side of the Fire TV, which made a move to provide a better live streaming channels and videos experience to their customers on their TV.

FireStarter APK Download For Android and PC:

FireStarter APK

FireStarter Apk is an amazing device that enables you to watch your favorite online streaming channels and videos right on your TV. You could surf the internet, watch you all time favorite videos on popular websites like YouTube, Hulu, NetFlix, MegaVideos and the like. You could also play online games connecting to people all over the world, getting all kinds of information about places all over the world using Alexa, the voice searching assistant on the device. Amazon like most companies, want to target apps with their names and with this in mind it, the content of the application is monitored by none other than Amazon itself.

Reasons why FireStarter had to come into existence:

  • The Amazon Fire TV required the rooting of your device in which you installed the application and given the causes of rooting one wouldn’t find the worth as there as many other alternatives that allow you to stream online for videos and channels without even rooting your phone.
  • The Fire TV when launches, launches its default home screen which doesn’t allow the user to feel free to select his/ her own default home screen.
  • The Fire TV couldn’t detect double-click made on the screen while the FireStarter could do so and enable another feature which could enhance its user-friendliness.

Amazon blacklisted its application the Amazon Fire TV for its inability to detect the double-click button and for the launch of its default home screen by default. However, it provides the FireStarter APK as its alternative which requires no rooting of your device for its functioning, no default launching of the application, nor for its inability of detecting double-click on the application.

Key Features of FireStarter Apk:

 Double-click option is included so as to choose between default home screen launcher and the FireStarter default launcher. For example, if you clicked once, YouTube would launch while if you clicked twice, the FireStarter should launch or whatever you desired.

  • Applications that are user-installed could be sorted in a way as to which of them could be drag-and-dropped to the FireStarter.
  • Setting like the Sleep Time, the import/export settings, Hostname, IP address, WLAN name (SSID) and a lot more features could be customized.

 Steps involved in a FireStarter APK Download:

First of let us know that the FireStarter is an android file which requires an Android Debug Bridge (ADB), an emulator to run Android applications. It is a line command tool that connects its code to your TV’s system. But it this tutorial we will Download Firestarter APK without the need of ADB and a computer.

Tutorial to Download FireStarter APK without ADB and Computer:

 You need to first install the Fire TV or the Fire Stick application as the only pre-requisite for the installment.

  • You will have to make sure that download from unknown resources is turned on. Go to the settings>system>Developers Options and turn on.
  • In order to install the FireStarter in your device without the use of the ADB, you need to install another file known as the ‘Es File Explorer’. To download this file, you could either log in to your Amazon Account, get your File delivered or you could use the voice search assistant that comes handy with Fire TV.
  • Now you are ready to install the FireStarter. Open the Es File Explorer and go to ‘favourite’. Click ‘Add’. It will require you to add the path and name for the application to be installed. Use for a path and give any name you can think of in the ‘Name’ area. As the last step, click ‘ADD’.
  • The Firestarter APK is set to download which will require some time. Wait for the file to be downloaded.
  • If you have downloaded the Zip file, pen it with the ES File Viewer.
  • Launch the application on your Fire TV/ Fire Stick.
  • Be eager for an amazing experience.


Lets us discuss some facts that you wouldn’t have known. After Amazon blacklisted the Fire TV, it gave replacement called the FireStarter by which you could surf and watch channels over the internet more efficiently. The application was later named FireStopper if you are aware of it. You could download FireStarter if you were a beginner and if not you could get the FireStopper right away. The best part is you could also import all the options and settings from FireStarter to FireStopper. In other words, if you say FireStarter or FireStopper, it would ultimately mean the same.

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