Clean Master APK Download – Latest V5.18.4 For Android Device

Are hidden files eating up substantial space on your computer? Do you want an all-in-one cleaning app which keeps the cache free from residual files? Do you want an easy uninstallation of the undesired apps? If yes, this guide has all of your queries answered.

All the above issues are handled well by clean master apk tool which comes out to be an app for keeping the stash away from your device. This tool also contributes in boosting the speed of your device so check out this guide to know about the features of clean master apk.

What are the Features of Clean Master Apk?

Numerous features of this app make it a highly complex tool and you need to know the exact features to be used for cleaning your phone. Some of the main features which are commonly used ones are as follows:

  • Junk files check for useless files on the phone storage
  • If your phone is becoming hot, there is a tool through which you can check the temperature
  • Through the phone boost feature, all the running apps get enlisted and for boosting phone performance, app asks the user to force stop apps which are degrading the performance
  • Anti-virus feature of the phone asks for possible security threats that your phone has, owing to wide usage of internet.
  • CM Applock asks for setting up a password for the apps which contain private data. This is one of the most important features of the tool which introduced gesture unlock code which helps you open up a particular app. This feature helps in securing your messages and emails without any trouble. This feature can be added manually on your phone in any app that you have installed.
  • App manager has different options which include – uninstall apps, removing the APK files and changing the location of files by moving them from internal storage to micro SD card.

There is no problem in moving your files because important data can be saved easily. You can manage and move the data and deletion also becomes easy through clean master apk. All of the above features are performed easily by the app and there are lesser chances of technical glitches which make this app really stable.


How to download and install Clean Master Apk?

This tool can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store and follow the steps below for easy installation:

Clean Master APK Download – Latest V5.18.4 For Android Device

  • Go to Google Play Store, you should avoid the installation of this app through another web link as that may contain malware
  • On the search bar of Play Store, type clean master apk and from the drop down list, click on the icon of this app and start downloading
  • Through the select button, you can install the app on your device

But remember to accept the user permissions before the installation begins.

On which devices clean master apk functions?

Clean Master apk is workable on most of the Android phones.

How Clean Master Apk Functions?

Clean Master apk is one of the most popular apps which is used for cleaning the phone and many manufacturers of the phone, pre-install this app. User rating achieved by this app is impressive but remember one thing, that this app has to be used very carefully to cash in the full benefits because it is equipped with comprehensive features which can be very confusing as well.

Downloading and installation of this device are pretty easy and this app works in the following ways:

  • In the initial scanning phase, junk files are searched for, which include cached files and data which is no more required by the phone
  • This app cleans the phone by breaking down the not required files through Clean junk button
  • Performance of the phone can be boosted when large chunks of phone storage is freed

Removing junk from the phone has never been easier and clean master apk makes you do that. Cleaning data manually is tough so clean master automates the deletion process by telling you about the files which should be removed from your phone’s memory to enable fast processing. USP of the clean master app is that it lets you track the hidden data which otherwise is very tough to locate and keeps your phone free from unwanted information.

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